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Wholesale Trapdoor Snails 500 pack - Free Shipping


500 Japanese Trapdoor Snails(Viviparis malleatus). These Snails are great for cleaning algae and eating any dead plant material and excess food in your pond or aquarium. They wont eat your live plants and they wont overpopulate your pond. Trapdoor Snails are livebearers and only have a few babies a year. These guys are also winter hardy and can survive freezing temps. They hibernate at about 45 degrees and can tolerate temps into the 80's. Your snails will range in size from 3/4 inch to about 2 inches, I will make sure to get you a good mix of sizes. I guarantee your snails will arrive alive and you will be delighted with your purchase. I will add a couple extras to your order in case of any doas. Usually they are all just fine and you end up with a couple free snails.


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